There is now viability for Tesla in Scotland with the Edinburgh, Abington, and Gretna Green Supercharger points.

Would you like a more sustainable environmentally-friendly motoring option? Are you flummoxed as to why electric cars are taking so long to become a mainstream proposition?

Have you heard of Tesla motors?

The main problems with electric cars have traditionally been that they are slow, expensive, and equipped with awkwardly short-range batteries. The idea in most people’s minds when they think of an electric car is something akin to a golf cart.

Well, Tesla breaks the mould. No, Tesla smashes the mould!

Tesla is an Elon Musk project. Musk is the 43 year old South African inventor and entrepreneur who founded the online money transfer service PayPal and space exploration technology corporation SpaceX and has been heralded as the new Steve Jobs. He started SolarCity, one of the largest providers of solar power systems in the US, and donates solar power energy systems to areas hit by disasters, such as the 2011 Japan Tsunami, via the Musk Foundation.

Basically Elon Musk is on a quest to speed up the inevitable transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and save the planet. And Tesla Motors is a great example of how he is winning the battle through inspired vision, great design, business nous, technological brilliance and a conscience.

Now we can enjoy Tesla in Scotland.

Tesla has now opened its first Scottish Supercharger charging points. One is near Edinburgh airport, another in Abington, South Lanarkshire, and the third in Gretna Green. They are available to use free, 24 hours a day, to anyone owning an all-electric Tesla Model S.

Tesla Scotland

One of the key factors with Tesla is their batteries and charging facilities. Superchargers are the world’s fastest charging stations that can provide a full charge in minutes rather than hours. A single charge of a Tesla model S has a 310 mile range.

What about speed…. ready for it? 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. How’s that? This amazing performance is mainly down to the architecture of the battery. You should also remember that the acceleration of this electric vehicle is instantaneous, smooth and silent.

So, the Tesla is ticking all the boxes so far and there is Tesla in Scotland. What about how it looks and how much it costs?

Appearance, of course, is all down to personal taste, but we think you would be very hard pressed to knock the Tesla range for beauty.

Price? Well, it’s not cheap. The first version of the model S currently goes for about £50,000. If you want the top of the range model S with the most powerful battery and motor you are looking at around £68,000.

But, consider the savings that will be made by the fact that you are entitled to free charging for life from Superchargers and electric motors last a lot longer than standard gasoline engines.

Plus Teslas offer incredible features, are gorgeous to look at, lightning quick, have great battery range, loads of space inside, and are super safe.

The biggest drawbacks to owning a Tesla in Scotland, apart from the price tag, are still related to charging. There are a lot more Supercharger points clustered around in the South of Britain and there is also the problem of a lack of home-charging facilities.

We must remember, however, that it is still very early. Tesla was only founded in 2003 and up until a couple of years ago there were almost no Tesla in Scotland. So, let’s be patient and trust in Elon Musk. He is unlikely to let us down. Tesla are already planning lots more Superchargers and working on improving battery design and home-charging.

As yet, there still aren’t many other owners of a Tesla in Scotland, but this is sure to change very soon. Teslas are basically the best cars on the planet, electric or otherwise. When you support the vision of Elon Musk and drive a Tesla in Scotland you will be driving an almost perfect automobile that just happens to also be emission-free and eco-friendly.

Why not take a look at the Tesla website and follow Tesla on Facebook: teslamotors and Twitter: @TeslaMotors.


Photo by pestoverde / CC BY 2.0