Green Scotland is a source of information and advice on how and why to live greener and connects the people of Scotland with the businesses, charities, groups, and individuals who can provide the required information, services, and supplies for green living in Scotland. Green Scotland champions an environmentally friendly, ethical, sustainable lifestyle because it is better for you, better for me, better for Scotland, and better for the planet.

Adam Skelton Green Scotland

Adam Skelton

Hi, my name is Adam. I set up Green Scotland and my goal is to motivate as many people as I can to live greener in Scotland. Scotland is a wonderful country in so many ways; undoubtedly beautiful and with plenty of forward-thinking people who recognise the importance of nurturing and nourishing our environment. People who want to live in a responsible way, alongside nature rather than against it. Green Scotland aims to unite these people so that we can help and learn from one another.

I want to see Scotland become the greenest country in the world. We are moving in the right direction, but too slowly. The key to instilling green living as the norm is information and education and that is the focus of this website. The truth is out there and the internet is the perfect tool to unite, spread the word, and change the world.

Without knowing and truly understanding what is going on it is very difficult to find the resolve to make the necessary changes. Disconnectedness and detachment are essential pillars of modern Western consumerist society and we need a massive reality check via education to wake us from this trance. Once uncovered, the facts speak for themselves. It is clear, for example, that we cannot continue ripping down hundreds of acres of rainforest every minute or slaughtering thousands of animals every second and expect there to be no repercussions.

Current levels of production and consumption are totally unsustainable and not a recipe for happiness or health. In addition to the environmental consequences, the single-minded quest for the lowest price point of consumerism and materialism leads to countless spin-off issues such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression, stress, and addiction because what goes around comes around.

Green Scotland is a place to share knowledge and ideas and help one another. Everyone is encouraged to get involved. To interact, learn and share. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute an article/s or give a talk. We all have something to give and together we can do incredible things.

One of the main aims of Green Scotland is to spotlight green businesses, charities, groups and individuals operating all across Scotland who are focused on providing products, materials, information, and services that are environmentally friendly, efficient, ethical, and sustainable. These are the people with the means to help you live a more sustainable, healthier, happier life. There is so much fantastic work going on every single day all across the country by good people who genuinely care about doing things right.

Many of these organisations are small and sadly very often float under the radar whist we are bombarded with information from big companies with large marketing budgets, whose wares and ways are rarely good for us or our environment. Competing in this aggressively capitalist marketplace is a daunting task for a small business who believes in quality over quantity, decency over deception, sustainability over short-term gain. I believe in community and supporting our neighbours. I think that using local businesses is the best way to get products, services and information that we can trust and the best way to ensure the lowest environmental impact in terms of logistics.

There are so many different ways we can all live greener and there is a vast array of fantastic organisations here in Scotland striving for change and providing everything from toxic-free cleaning products, to organic clothing, to furniture made from solely sustainable materials, to eco-design and build houses.

Green Scotland aims to provide the people of Scotland with all of the information and motivation they need to live greener. It will be a journey of discovery and transformation. You might start off by cycling a bit more, eating less meat, using more recycled goods. You might end up as an off grid carbon neutral environmental activist self sufficient vegan living in a homemade hobbit house with a vegetable garden for a roof.

There is a lot to learn and keep up to date with. There are always new developments, positive and negative, and it is our responsibility to keep abreast of them. This is our country and our planet and it is vital that each one of us stands up and does our bit.

The buck starts and stops with us, the consumer. The consumer is King. The convenience and comfort we demand is the root cause of most of the crimes against the environment. We propel the market and we get what we deserve. We must start taking responsibility individually for our actions and not just follow along with the rest of society. It is up to us to get clued up, embrace the truth, truly engage and have the strength of character to do what is right. We have to have the courage to think differently. To follow our hearts and break the chains of our social conditioning.

I am an idealist. I am searching for a perfect world. What’s the point of aiming for anything else? And the solution is so simple. If we only lived in harmony with nature we could stick around forever, exultant, honourable, dignified, heads held high. I know there are loads of great people already living the dream, in harmony with their environment, with a spring in their step. We could all do it if we wanted.

Naive? Naivety is only a concept that is relative to how much you care about current social paradigms and how much energy you’ve got.


I hope very much that you like this website and welcome any comments or feedback. Please get in touch via the contact page or one of the social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.


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